Students, Teaching

My past and present AEDE advisees:

Courses Taught at OSU

AEDE/ECON 6103: Applied Quantitative Methods III
     14-week course on machine learning for master’s students
AEDE/ECON 8102: Applied Economics III
     14-week course on causal inference in econometrics for 2nd year PhD students 
AEDE/ECON 7425: Advanced Development Economics II
     14-week course on development economics w/ a focus on agriculture for PhD students 
AEDE/ECON 7140: Applied Econometrics II [syllabus]
     7 week course in PhD 1st year core
AEDE/ECON 4002.01: Econometric Applications in Agribusiness and Applied Economics [syllabus]
     7 week course for undergraduate majors
AEDE/ECON 8200: Frontiers in AED Economics: Applied Econometrics in Development [syllabus]
     7 week course in PhD 1st year core

Taught as a Graduate Instructor at Cornell

AEM 1106: Food Systems in the Developing World: Health, Poverty, Opportunity [syllabus]
     I created this interdisciplinary First Year Writing Seminar, funded by the Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines.

Teaching Resources

Example of Stata-Latex Interfacing: Dropbox link here.