Peer-Reviewed Papers

  1. Abay, Kibrom, Leah Bevis, Christopher Barrett. 2020. “Measurement Error Mechanisms Matter: Agricultural intensification with farmer misperceptions and misreporting,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Conditional Accept. [NBER working paper, Most recent draft]
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Book Chapters

  • Christopher B Barrett and Leah EM Bevis. (2015.) “The Micronutrient Deficiencies Challenge in African Food Systems.” In David E Sahn (Ed.), The Fight Against Hunger and Malnutrition: The Role of Food, Agriculture, and Targeted Policies. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Paper]

Working Papers
Soils and South Asian Stunting: Low soil zinc availability drives child stunting in Nepal [pdf, Nepali press: Online Khabar, Himalayan Times]
     With David Guerena, Kichan Kim (AEDE student)
Flooding and Child Health: Evidence from Pakistan [pdf]
     With Osama Sajid (AEDE student): Under Review
Long Term Nutrition Impacts of the Green Revolution in India
     With Digvijay Negi
Intra-Household Effects of Universalizing Access to Subsidized Food in Odisha (India)
     With Felix Naschold, Tanvi Rao

Works in Progress…
Rural Maize Yields Set City Maize Prices in Africa
     With Anna Folke Larsen, Thomas Kim (AEDE student)
Can Markets Mitigate Environment-Health Linkages? The case of selenium deficiency in Malawi
     With Kichan Kim (AEDE student)
The Green Revolution and Inequality
     With Digvijay Negi, Rabail Chandio (AEDE student)

Other Links
Additionally, you can find some of my blogs at Chris Barrett’s research group blog, Economics That Really Matters. I also moderate a geospatial data repository for agricultural economists, stored here. More can be found on the importance of soils within this Nature collection.